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In a world that is filled with virus and inflection causing germs, we need to ensure that our hands and the surfaces we are exposed to are always clean. With our new range of alcohol based hand, tool and surface sanitisers, Bump Patrol has you covered to make sure that you have one less thing to worry about. 

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Bump Patrol Hand Sanitiser 100ml

The New Bump Patrol™ Hand Sanitiser - the perfect pock and handbag size companion to make sure that your hands are always clean and protected from germs.


  • 99,9% Germ Protection

  • Effectively Cleanses Hands

  • Effectively Protects Hands

  • For all skin types

  • 65% Alcohol

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Bump Patrol Bump Guard 100ml & 400ml

The New Bump Patrol™ Bump Guard - We can never really trust the surfaces that we touch or are exposed to, which is why we need to sanitise them regularly. Whether is it tools that come in contact with your face and head, such as clippers, hair tools, brushes, combs, etc. or the surfaces that we touch, such as counters, tables, computer keyboards, etc., Bump Patrol has the perfect products for you. With a 70% alcohol base, the Bump Guard is sure to give you 99,9% germ protection.


  • Clean and Sanitise Clippers, Hair Tools

  • Clean and Sanitise Surfaces

  • 99,9% Germ Protection

  • 70% Alcohol

Some Potential Uses (Among others):

  • Sanitise Hair and Shaving Tools:

    • Manual and machine clippers,

    • Hair brushes,

    • Scissors,

    • Combs

    • Hair clips

    • Hair accessories

    • Razor blades

    • Shaving blades


  • Sanitise Surfaces and Everyday items:

    • Kitchen Tops,

    • Counters

    • Door Handles

    • Tables

    • Desks

    • Computer Screens

    • Computer Keyboards and Mice

    • Cellphones

    • Make Up Brushes

    • Shopping Trolley Handles

    • Shopping Basket Handles

    • Fridge Door Handles

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