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Your skin should emulate your active lifestyle. Bump Patrol understands the problems men face when it comes to shaving and maintaining great looking, smooth skin.Men are looking to sooth irritation, prevent infection, moisturise and hydrate their skin, or to soften the skin for a healthy finished look.
Bump Patrol offers this solution, with an intensive treatment that assists in preventing and treating razor bumps and irritation caused by shaving in just seven days.

The unique formula contains specially formulated smoothing agents to help prevent swelling. Humectants to help to control your skin’s moisture balance, emollients to soften skin, and Chamomile for a soothing and softening effect.
The complete treatment extends to those who are faced with the challenge of shaving; cyclists, swimmers, gymnasts, under arms, legs and bikini lines.
Bump Patrol can be used with clippers, electric razors and straight-edged razors.

Bump Patrol is the ultimate solution, every time you shave, everywhere you shave.

Not for use with hair removal creams and powders.

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