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The day is off to a rapid start and you want to put your best face forward to impress your boss and catch the eye of that special someone. Your skin should emulate goals. Bump Patrol understands the problems men face when it comes to shaving and maintaining great looking, smooth skin. Men are looking to sooth irritation, prevent infection, moisturise and hydrate their skin, or to soften the skin for a healthy finished look.

Bump Patrol Face & Head Wash 100ml

Bump Patrol Face & Head Wash 100ml


New Bump Patrol™ FACE AND HEAD WASH with ProSmooth - a unique combination of skin conditioners and exfoliators – is designed to leave your skin deeply cleansed, soft and smooth after every wash. With cooling agents, this wash will leave your skin feeling refreshed.


  • ProSmooth (skin conditioners and exfoliators)

  • Exfoliates (removes dead skin cells)

  • Deep Cleanses (removes surface dirt and dirt trapped in pores)

  • Soothes (replaces moisture)

  • Refreshes (cooling agents)

65ml intensive treatment, Bump Patrol
65ml intensive treatment, Bump Patrol

Bump Patrol Aftershave Intensive Treatment 65ml and Advanced Gel Formula 30ml

Razor Bumps and other skin irritations caused by shaving are common complaints voiced by many African men. After years of extensive research, we have finally emerged with a fast and effective solution to these unsightly and painful shaving conditions. The Bump Patrol Aftershave Intensive Treatment and Advanced Gel Formula are dermatologist recommended aftershave solutions that help prevent and treat razor bumps and irritation caused by shaving in just 7 days!


  • Anti Bump Active (helps and treats razor bumps after shaving)

  • Soothes (Chamomilla Recutita/Chamomile soothes skin and reduces irritation after shaving)

30ml aftershave Bump Patrol
Bump Patrol Face & Head Moisturiser

Bump Patrol Face & Head Moisturiser 50ml


New Bump Patrol™ FACE AND HEAD MOISTURISER contains Vitamin B3 to help even skin tone and SPF15 to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. This MOISTURISER is designed to leave your skin hydrated, conditioned and smooth out razor bumps.


  • SPF15 (protection against harmful rays of the sun)

  • Vitamin B3 (help even skin tone)

  • Hydrates (replenishes and locks in moisture)

Bump Patrol Shaving Tips:


The very best time to shave is usually after a shower or bath. The benefits include continuous hydration and soothing relaxation. The hot water relaxes your facial muscles, softens the beard and prepares it for the application of shaving gel.


Never use soap before shaving always use a quality shaving foam or gel to allow for a smooth razor glide across the skin


Use a quality, multi-blade razor for a smooth, comfortable shave.


When shaving your face, shave in the direction of hair growth, not against it. Use downward strokes where your hair grows down, usually from your temple to the beginning of your Adam's apple. When shaving the area below your Adam's apple, shave upward. Finish with side strokes.


When shaving your head, shave downward from the crown all the way around your head. The same applies for the nape of the neck. Without applying any more shave gel, clean it all up by doing side strokes on the top of your head (from one side, across the top, to the other side), from ear to the front hairline, and from ear to ear on the back of your head.

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