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The Bump Patrol Master Barber Challenge is back for its third edition to find that cut above the rest. The winner will take the 2019 title and a grand prize of R30 000 in cold, hard cash.



Simply submit 3 short videos: 

1 to introduce yourself

1 to show you in action being South Africa's best barber!

1 to showcase your creation.


Videos must be submitted via whatsapp on (+27) 72 315 4694 or uploaded onto the Bump Patrol Africa’s website. 


Then get every Tom, Dick and Sipho to like, love and share your entry that we will upload onto the Bump Patrol Facebook and Instagram pages for voting. Their likes, loves, shares and comments play a significant role in pushing you through to the next stage of the competition. 


Entries are now open and close 11 August 2019. 


Check out the T's & C's below. 




The winner will take the title 2019 BUMP PATROL MASTER BARBER and a grand prize of R30 000 in cold, hard cash while the runner up will receive R5 000 cash. Other prizes up for grabs including professional equipment sponsored by 





The successful progress of your entry through to the selection of the final 6 contenders is based 60% on the support you receive online and 40% on the judging panel. 


Get your fans to:

  1. Like/Follow the Bump Patrol Facebook and Instagram Pages

  2. Scroll down to our “Battle of the Barbers’ Competition” photo album on Facebook or Bump Patrol Instastories on Instagram

  3. Like, love, share and comment on your work/ entry video as many times as they wish. The more love they show, the greater your chance of making it through to the next round, where the top 6 barbers will showcase their talents on individuals from the community. And finally, battle it out live in the grand finale.

  4. Continue to show their support after the top 6 finalists are declared on the updated videos.




On 26  August 2019, the top 6 entries to make it through to stage 2 of the 2019 Battle of the Barbers competition will be announced.

The top 6 finalists will be taken to pop-up salons in communities within Johannesburg, where they will treat individuals of the community to creative style-overs.

Those entrants living outside of Johannesburg will be provided with airfare, accommodation, transport to and from the airport, as well as to the pop-up store.

The recipients of the style-overs will rate their experience and cuts.

A film team will accompany the finalists to the pop-up stores and film them styling their creations.

These videos will once again be posted on Bump Patrol Africa’s social media and your fans are encouraged to show their support, as their votes count towards your final score. The videos will again be scored by a panel of judges. 

Due to time constraints, if the finalists contacted do not respond in time to notifications, only the remaining finalists that have responded will be filmed and proceed to voting stage.



The same top 6 barbers will be invited to the final Showdown to battle it out live for the title of the 2019 Bump Patrol Master Barber over 2 rounds of intense LIVE challenges which will also be video recorded by a film crew.

All 6 contestants will compete in each challenge simultaneously.

Each challenge will be marked and scored by the judges.

The 2 challenges include:



Contestants will be required to show their razor skills under pressure and fully shave a model’s head and face in a race against the clock with a maximum of 30 minutes.

Contestants will be judged and scored on time taken to complete the finished product.

Contestants will be provided with a model. 

The model will have at least a #1 or higher on the crown and at least 0.3cm of facial hair.

Contestants will be timed to complete a total head shave and facial shave

Points will be scored according to time, cleanliness, execution and presentation

Final scoring for this round is broken down as follows:

  • Total time taken to complete (50 points) – First competitor to finish will score 60 points, second to finish scores 50, third to finish scores 40, fourth to finish will score 30, fifth to finish will score 20 and last to finish scores 10.

  • Smoothness of final shave (head) – e.g. absence of stubble (25 points)

  • Smoothness of final shave (face) – e.g. absence of stubble (25 points)

Should the judges note any nicks or cuts, it is at their discretion to deduct a maximum of 25 points.




Contestants will have 45 minutes to complete a freestyle design that showcases their skills and talents. 

The final design should include grooming of facial hair as well as a freestyle hair design (scissors, shavers and clippers all permitted).

Contestants will be provided with a model. 

Contestants have the option to do whatever s/he desires on the model PROVIDED THAT THEY MAKE NO USE OF ANY REFERENCE POINTS DURING THE COMPETITION such as paper printouts, cell phones, tablets or other visual cues.

Contestants will be judged based on time, cleanliness, execution and final presentation.

Final scoring for this round is broken down as follows:

  • Difficulty of cut/ hair texture (10 points)

  • Precision of the outline itself (10 points)

  • Precision of any letters or designs e.g. Must be legible, clear and have no cuts (20 points)

  • Originality – innovation and creativity (20 points)

  • Professionalism e.g. appearance of tools, sanitation etc. (10 points)

  • Total look of the model when completed (30 points)




The final score of the 6 contestants that will decide the 2019 Master Barber

will be calculated accordingly:

25% - Online votes, likes and shares of top 6 videos 

25% - Corporate Social Responsibility client’s rating

50% - Live finale score



General Notes, Rules and Regulations:

Unless agreed otherwise between Bump Patrol and the competitor, the competitors undertake to arrive at the venue of the final competition by their own means.

Competitors will be required to arrive on time or will be disqualified.

Unless agreed other wise, between Bump Patrol and the competitor, competitors will be required to use supplied Wahl clippers in both the top 6, and finale rounds. Contestants will be permitted access to these clippers ahead of time. Any additional equipment must be cleared with Bump Patrol prior to the competition (e.g. Clippers, trimmers, razors and brushes, shaving cream, gels, powder etc.) 

All competitors will be supplied with models for the finals. Competitors will have access to the models 24 hours in advance. 

Contestants and models will be required to sign release waivers at the start of the competition agreeing to abide by the judges’ final decision and permitting Bump Patrol to make use of any material recorded during the competition, including images for promotional purposes without compensation. 

The final competition will be filmed and broadcast.

All models’ hair and beards must be cut at the competition during the respective competitive challenge each model is assigned to. 

No competitor will be permitted to cut, trim, shape or present models’ hair before the competition begins. 

Semi-permanent colour, light colour sprays and chalks are only permitted in the second challenge – The Freestyle Challenge.

Competitors must bring their own supplies if they choose to use colour.

All rounds must result in a transformation of the models’ hair and facial hair (where applicable).

The judges will inspect the models’ hair and facial hair during pre-judging/ check-in. 

Judging will be conducted on a visual basis only using the points allocations as described in each of the competitive challenges.

Any contestant who fails to complete each section within the maximum time stipulated will be judged on the partially completed work/style.

In the event of an overall tie of accumulative points for the overall winner or the runners up, the judges will determine a final and outright winner.

All electrical equipment used at the final competition will be tested for electrical faults. 

Contestants will not be permitted to use faulty equipment during the competitive rounds.

Terms and conditions apply

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